Friday, March 25, 2011

HM/Ilsa 12" EP at press. Vastum "Carnal Law" LP next.

The HM/Ilsa 12" EP is now in the hands of the pressing plant. We should have test presses back in the next week or so. European distribution will be handled by the follwing, although other interested parties can get in touch:

Ahdistuken Aihio Productions (FIN)
Amor Fati Prodcutions (GER)
Bones Brigade Records (FRA)
Iron Bonhead (GER)

Arrangements are being made for further international distribution as well.

The Vastum "Carnal Law" LP will be heading to prodcuction shortly as well. All artwork is here and layout is underway. We still have a handful of the limited cassette version in the shop. Sample soon...Totally sinister, yet melodic death doom.

The Stone Wings "Bird of Stone Wings" DLP will follow the two afforementioned releases. More news on that soon.

Numerous distro additions as well, check the shop.

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