Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vastum - Carnal Law - Available for Mailorder

"Carnal Law" is the initial physical manifestation from California's Vastum. While recalling Finnish and Mexican death metal cults of old there is something contained within that is far more perverse and sinister. The barbaric song structures, doom ridden harmonies, sinister lead work, deranged psycho-sexual lyrical content, and disgusting vocal delivery all create a work far stronger and and more captivating than most current "new old school death metal" bands floating about these days have to offer.

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Previously available only on cassette and recently on CD, "Carnal Law" is presented on black 150g vinyl, housed inside quality mid-weight chipboard jackets with additional artwork,with an 11"x22" poster insert.

This LP is a co-release with Deific Mourning, available for mailorder at:

Read a recent review here: Invisible Oranges

Excellent CD Digipack version available from 20 Buck Spin here:

Stocked by the following stores and distributors domestically:
Dark Descent Records
Parasitic Records
Armageddon Shop (Providence, RI)
Everyday Music (Seattle, WA)
Singles going Steady (Seattle, WA)

And distributed internationally by:

Iron Bonehead (Germany)
Doomentia (Czech)
Nuclear Winter Records (Greece)
Me Saco Un Ojo (UK)
Blood Harvest (Sweden)

Additional international distributors to be added shortly, anyone interested in acquiring copies to distribute overseas please get in touch at

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